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Search within my feedly

Ability to search for articles within my feeds, categories and just from all my feedly

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    Dimitri MazmanovDimitri Mazmanov shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
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    Anonymous shared a merged idea: Allow searching within feeds or groups of feeds  ·   · 
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    Anonymous shared a merged idea: ability to search within my subscriptions and not just on the web  ·   · 
    riteneyeriteneye shared a merged idea: Please include a SEARCH Option  ·   · 
    completed  ·  Remi TrangAdminRemi Trang (Business Development, Feedly) responded  · 

    Hi everyone,
    We’ve recently launched a major new version of feedly Search.
    It is 10x faster, empowers you to search your entire feedly history without limitations and supports filters and operators. Also for the first time, you can search beyond your feedly and discover new interesting content.

    For a quick tour of the new Search, we made a video demo: https://feedly.com/index.html#pro/search
    Try it out: http://feedly.com/index.html#search/interstellar/title/engagement.high/video/topic/global.popular

    Search is part of feedly Pro.
    Non-pro users can use all the operators and features and get access to the first search results.

    Don’t hesitate to try it out give us your feedback.


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Sad that you changed the availability of this function to only pro users. I loved Feedly otherwise.

        For anyone wanting to search within your own feeds without having to pay for a pro account, switch to The Old Reader or Inoreader. I won't return to Feedly unless this function is reinstated for basic users as it used to be.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Have been a happy user of Inoreader for more than a year. If Feedly didn't mess with their users I might not have been using the better alternative right now. Thanks Feedly for pushing more people to Inoreader.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        just joined feedly today. Found out I can't search for content for free?? Leaving feedly today.

      • Heiki LaurHeiki Laur commented  · 

        Search is basic feature and MUST be part of free Feedly. Don't push me away from Feedly

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It's pretty bogus that searching a pro feature. I've stopped recommending feedly to friends for the reason. Now fining for alternatives for myself as well

      • Stanislav SultanovStanislav Sultanov commented  · 

        “…get access to the first search results.”

        I can’t actually get access to more than one (first) search result.
        I see (partially) three results, but can actually click only the first one.

      • James MackayJames Mackay commented  · 

        "Search is part of feedly Pro." Beg to differ - search is basic functionality.

        Still broken by design in the free version, then. Pass.

      • nylenyle commented  · 

        Got this update via email, and was so excited to start using feedly again. Now that I learn its only for paid membership, I guess I won't be using this service at all. Asking people to pay for search functionality is ridiculous. I'm surprised that idea made it out of the meeting room.

      • James MackayJames Mackay commented  · 

        So, now you've purposely broken search for the free version? This doesn't entice people to pay for "pro," it encourages them to look for another app that is reasonably priced and doesn't suck on purpose.

        When I try to search, I get a pop-over that I can't clear, extorting me for a subscription. No thanks. Off to look for an alternative.

      • Michael KlugeMichael Kluge commented  · 

        Newsdippides supports search within RSS feeds and provides auto-collecting news channels beyond all single feed sources and topics.

      • KateKate commented  · 

        Does the pro version offer standby searches? In other words, there's a list of 100 items I'd like to search for within all my feeds daily. Can I enter these search keywords once, and then every time I open feedly, it will show me the results from within all the RSS feeds to which I subscribe?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Does anyone know if there is a website I can use to search RSS feeds for content keywords? (feedly pro only supports currently subscribed feeds search capability)... I used to use this on Google Reader to find new feeds that discuss detailed topics.

      • Leia FeeLeia Fee commented  · 

        Upgraded to Pro for the search only to find it's only 30days. That's no good to me - the reason I search is I 2know I saw something about that a while ago" I can READ 30 days back...

      • Oswald MandiasOswald Mandias commented  · 

        A compulsory requirement - please action asap. Thank you.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        now i expected to pay that high amount for a standard search function? nope. uninstalling.

        ...off to get another quality reader with search for free or a reasonable $5 or less for LIFETIME full functions. jeez, just be happy with all the $$ you get from your tracking/adwords/etc.


      • Rebecca BittnerRebecca Bittner commented  · 

        I use the search feature to look for articles on specific topics within specific collections regularly, which means that on Friday, I did so. On SUNDAY, when I logged in, I was suddenly forced to ONLY search within ALL, instead of within a collection. This is super annoying. Why did it change?

      • Peter KrutzPeter Krutz commented  · 

        Need to be able to search only unread items. Otherwise, search is useless to me. Very frustrating, defeats the whole point of the search feature.

      • Gesso BosGesso Bos commented  · 

        IK GEBRUIK uw PRACHTIGE RSS Nieuws-app Feedly.
        De rss feeds bijv. www.telegraaf.nl/rss en http://feeds.nos.nl/nosnieuwsalgemeen en http://www.ad.nl/rss.xml
        Ik zou heel graag, via open webpage directly, in plaats van de bovenstaande url/rss, de mobiele website krijgen, dus resp. m.telegraaf.nl en m.nos.nl en m.ad.nl.
        Reden: visueler fraaier en ook qua leesbaarheid.
        Het vreemde is dat als ik 2x klik op een logo van NOS of AD of Telegraaf ik wel de m.ad,nl etc krijg?
        Kunt u mij helpen?

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