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Offline Support

Enable offline reading for all unread items +images in feeds

I catch up on my RSS reading in the metro (spotty at best cell service) and on flights (often no service even available) -- please enable offline reading of unread items, and sync unread/bookmark/etc. on the next connect. The workflow of the MobileRSS app does this very well currently, and allows per-folder caching and selection of whether to cache images or not, on wifi only or any connection. That is a bit overboard, but being able to add an offline cache is the main feature I'll miss moving from my current solution.

PS: Otherwise, great app!

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    Jon CamfieldJon Camfield shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
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    under review  ·  Remi TrangAdminRemi Trang (Business Development, Feedly) responded  · 

    The current feedly apps (iOS and Android) do not offer offline article caching.

    This is a feature we are looking into.

    If you’re looking for offline support, some feedly partner apps support it (eg.Reeder and Newsify on iOS, or Press on Android).

    Those apps are powered by the feedly Cloud API and will seamlessly recreate your reading environment (all your feeds are sync’ed from feedly when you login).

    To explore the feedly partner apps and their features, visit http://www.feedly.com/apps.html


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      • Mark McGuireMark McGuire commented  · 

        With over 100K user on Android, I would imagine you can do better than your competition by enabling your users the power of using Feedly offline.

      • PeterPeter commented  · 

        I'm wanting this feature too! It's essential for any RSS feed reader to read off line .. I recently switched from feedddlerPro to feedly.. Hope some updates arrive soon..

      • PatrickJSpearsPatrickJSpears commented  · 

        People want offline features because we live and work in places where fast reliable access isn't always available.

      • Tony IzzoTony Izzo commented  · 

        I just voted for this, but want to add my personal request that content stored for offline viewing be stored (at least optionally) on the SD card.

      • HubertHubert commented  · 

        As many others have stated, this singular feature would convince me to stump up for a Pro subscription. I appreciate that there are other apps that will integrate but you've done a good job so far on the Android app and I don't want to have to use a 3rd party workaround as they're almost always a compromise.

      • Niko LowryNiko Lowry commented  · 

        I didn't see an edit button, and wanted to add: if any Android developers walk into this thread, please for the love of god make an XPOSED module that enables offline reading.

      • Niko LowryNiko Lowry commented  · 

        This feature is a must. Why would I ever want to use two apps?

        I love the style, ui/ux of Feedly, but being a NYer I'll never even consider replacing Pulse for two apps.

      • Mickets BRMickets BR commented  · 

        JustReader is still the best for Android, IMHO. Downloads content for offline, customized settings per feed (choose to download or not images, audio, full web view, etc.). Just works.

      • John PappasJohn Pappas commented  · 

        This one feature would create another Pro user. This feature is why pay a number of "freemium" services. As with others, I frequently do not have a reliable connection (Secure areas, heavy buildings, remote locations, Firewalls, etc), and rely on apps that overcome the requirement for constant and reliable internet connection.

      • Shane BurgerShane Burger commented  · 

        I'm coming back to this after initially voting on it in March, and find it amazing that this is the third highest voted request (an essential, in my book) yet it isn't even being considered by Feedly. Wow, guys. Wow. I wish I could give it all the votes I have left.

        As a New Yorker who takes the subway, having access to articles in their full form (with images) is a BIG plus.

        Yes - you are right - it has been done in other apps. Therefore, how hard can it be to do it in yours? Instead, we have to lessen our overall Feedly UX by using another app on our iOS devices.

      • Steven EvansSteven Evans commented  · 

        Why should i need two apps to read my news, due to this i currently use feedly to read when i have wifi but have to switch to a poorer 3rd party client for when I am on the tube. This can cause sync issues and a poor user experience.

        People want the feature in FEEDLY we are aware the feature is available else where. Why do you consistently offer premium features that no one is asking for...

        If you added offline support id happily pay your pro subscription

      • Dale FlanneryDale Flannery commented  · 

        Hi Arthur. Please provide a way that we users can down-vote your response.

      • NY MomNY Mom commented  · 

        @ Arthur, Please publish a faq on how we can sync feedly with various other offline readers. If Feedly is not going to create an offline-compatible app, at least make it easier for your users to figure out how to make it work with the second app we will need to install. Thanks.

      • NY MomNY Mom commented  · 

        @Arthur Please explain how to download feedly content into GReader for Anroid. Thank you.

      • pctgrasspctgrass commented  · 

        13,300 votes and still ignored.
        At this rate we'll just switch to another reader that does offer offline support, I guess. That will probably also be a company that listens to its users.

      • Andrew CAndrew C commented  · 

        I really want the offline feature in feedly and if it was available in pro i would be entering my card details right now! Please add this feature.

      • Peter Boyce IIPeter Boyce II commented  · 

        Would love to see this feature revisited, think offline support would be a huge step-up in making this the ubiquitous RSS reader. iOS home screen real-estate is expensive, no reason why we should have >1 RSS reader. We'd like the one & only RSS app to be Feedly.

      • Kevin YoungKevin Young commented  · 

        Arthur, although I appreciate Feedly's openness and willingness to work with other apps, I think a feedly offline solution would be optimal.

      • MarkusMarkus commented  · 

        It would be great if one could start the app even without internet connectivity.

        I am travelling arround and cannot read the feeds synced using wifi when not connected to the internet!

      • Anton KrouglovAnton Krouglov commented  · 

        Arthur, Android Press works awfully with feedly cloud. I have to resync (disconnect, clear cache, connect back to feedly) every day.

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