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I can't login in my feedly account.

I can't login in my feedly account.

When I put the login button a new window is appearing with sign in options
but my account is related on other email address.

How to login ?

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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have two-step verification on the Google account I used to set up Feedly on my phone. I want to start using Feedly on my laptop, but lost my password. When I try to recover my Feedly password, I get an email from Google initiating a password reset process, not for Feedly but for my Google account. Really?

        When the mobile/desktop interface is working so well with so many other apps, why does Feedly have to be so difficult?

        Shopping for another RSS. Suggestions?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Later, feedly. Someone on Reddit recommended inoreader. Just tried it, and it seems great.

      • JessieJessie commented  · 

        I can't login to my feedly account, either. At the top right of this page, it says "returning users may sing in," but when I try to sign in with the email I registered with, I can't do it. It asks me to create a new account.

      • mrvmrv commented  · 

        Hey guys,

        had the same problem.
        Fortunately, back then, I was using my gmail address for the registration.

        So I could just pick "login with google" and everything was back to normal.

        This really sucks bad for the rest of you guys... What the hell... You would think they'd be interested in keeping their users?!

        Shame on them for not responding!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yeah, I just figured this out too... I used an email address to sign in but now I have to allow Feedly access to a third party service with which I have an account to use their service? Wow. So, if I allow Feedly to access my Evernote account, does that mean I'll get the ability to post blog feed items to my Evernote account, which at least on my phone is currently a pro feature? I'm guessing that's unlikely. This is so disappointing. I miss Google Reader.

      • LuisLuis commented  · 

        I have changed my laptop and don´t remember my former user in feedly. I have tried to login by all possible known means through those social apps but never got to my feeds. Please don´t tell me I have to build now a new list of feeds from scratch....

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Goodbye Feedly.

        p.s. It's ironic you allow comments here via an email and not a 3rd party app.

      • ericaerica commented  · 

        WTF? Sooooo, I have no way to access my feeds? I tried to log in as usual with user name and password, but there's no option for that, and there's no way to connect the account I made with email and password with my Facebook? I don't actually have a problem with using Facebook to connect...well...I don't love it, but I'll deal...but why won't Feedly give me the option to migrate all my feeds over to the Facebook account? Grrrr. Anyone have an RSS reader they like? I'm jumping ship.

      • jenjen commented  · 

        I panicked because I thought my feeds all disappeared, but when I tried the Google login option using my personal Gmail address, all my feeds were there. *whew*

      • Karen A.Karen A. commented  · 

        There are multiple threads on this topic on these boards, and around the Internet that Feedly is ignoring. I was never wild about Feedly, but jumped out of Reader just as it went down, heard about Feedly and was too lazy to find another option. I suspect that like me, many of those posting here contributed to the explosion of Feedly when Google Reader shutdown and we are now not being heard. I have choices, this is no longer one of them.

        Posted on their FB page--blatantly inaccurate:

        I just wish I could login to Feedly again. The home page requires you to login using a linked
        app. I have a Feedly account and password... which seems to have disappeared. Any advice, anyone?

        Feedly--We never had a feedly account option. If you logged in with your gmail information, please try the google option.

      • marilyn.bellamymarilyn.bellamy commented  · 

        Can't log in to Feedly either. Is there no solution to this problem?

      • David HDavid H commented  · 

        All my feeds gone from desktop but still exist on my phone? What is going on Feedly?

      • Ben WBen W commented  · 

        Congratulations, Feedly, on creating THE worst user experience issue I've run into online this year.

        I just paid for Feedly Pro, at work, to see whether we should be recommending you to the 11,000 monthly readers of our RSS content. And the effect of logging out of my personal Feedly account I've used daily without issue for 16 months, to log in to the new pro account at home, is I have NO way of accessing either one.

        I registered with a Feedly login, an e-mail address, not a social media account. Every single possible infuriating attempt at using my correct info to log in opens as an empty new account.

        And there's apparently NO way to contact you for support??

        Please contact me directly, and quickly.

      • Jason DJason D commented  · 

        WHAT THE F#$%! I had over 1000 feeds and now ALL of them are gone because I am now FORCED to sign in with a social app. If this is not fixed in 24 hours, I am moving on to a BETTER feed reader. I think they are trying to force everyone to go for Feedly Pro and pay - which I have no problem doing (if reasonable) but don't delete all my feeds to get me to do it!!!

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Feedly. What are you up to? Is your customer service that busy it can't answer an issue after 3 MONTHS. Are you consciously ignoring to answer the question and addressing the problem/request?

      • LiberoLibero commented  · 

        I am getting a 400 error too. Can't log in.

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