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A date/time filter to limit displayed articles to avoid spoilers

I propose a feature to limit the articles that are displayed to me by date/time.

A current example to demonstrate the need for this feature:

Today is Monday and I have not read any articles on feedly all weekend. Yesterday the Academy Awards took place. I would like to read my news from various sources without any chance at all of spoiling the results.

I would simply set a date and time to immediately prior to the Academy Awards and see all articles only from before that date/time in all of my feeds.

The feature should be easily reachable from every page and it should be easily visible that you are currently in a limited viewing window.

I think it should be fairly easy to implement and would be very useful.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

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  • M Ko. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks, I'm using mute filters extensively.

    But that is not very useful here: The article might not even contain the phrase "Acadamy Awards"! It could be "Film xyz winner of the night" or "xyz wins 3 Oscars" or whatever. You just can't be sure.

    Can you please reopen this suggestion or do I have to create a new one?

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