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Keyboard Shortcuts like Google Reader

One of the core reasons why I have been using Google Reader is the list of shortcuts it has. I find some of these missing in Feedly. I would be happy to have you built similar shortcuts like Google Reader.

Some of the shortcuts which I use and I feel are missing are:
1) Option to select a particular RSS feed. Google reader has this by specifiying key G followed by T. It goes to a particular tag.
2) Option to make the Views as Titles for all the feeds. Currently I have to do this manually visiting each feed.

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      • aaa commented  · 

        The shortcut list is really poor if compared to google reader

      • John Saunders commented  · 

        Hm in http://silverreader.com we do have N P shortcuts like in Google Reader and most of other keyboard shorcuts.
        Please I beg you copy keyboard shortcuts like was in Google Reader.

      • Brent commented  · 

        A keyboard shortcut for tagging is needed most. Having to click TAG and scroll through a list to add a single tag is just not efficient. A tagging mechanism, similar to Google Reader, that allows you to enter multiple tags without ever taking your hands off the keyboard would be best for quickly moving through articles.

      • nxmehta commented  · 

        Shift + K is in too- thanks!

      • Ray commented  · 


      • ergo commented  · 

        Dear Remi, in my opinion still lack a lot of useful shortcuts which makes desktop experience much more comfortable; first af all:

        "t" for tagging followed by a quick "search and find" of existing tags like greader did. The actual solution provided by a drop-down menu is quite uncomfortable! thanks

      • Mochimac commented  · 

        What I would really like is that when you hit "N" for next article, it automatically loads the next one rather than my having to also hit "Enter" to select it.

        If you make that one single change, your reader is perfect to me.

      • Vitaly commented  · 

        Pls add n/p shortcuts for full article view.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        What I really miss and hoping to get soon is the "t" shortcut for adding tags and then I just start to type and the list of tags get filtered, from which I choose the actual tag I want to use.

      • camel303 commented  · 

        We'd like to see:

        * shift+N/P for folder jumps, and more visibility for indicator in the left pane.

        * n/p should NOT automatically mark as read (or make this a configurable behavior)

        * shift+X to open/close folder

        * shift+A to mark all read *and* ability to confirm via keyboard only

        * ability to use spacebar (!!)

        .. whole product should be navigable and usabe without ever touching a mouse, trackpoint, touchpad, trackball, paddle, whatever :)

      • Owen van Dijk commented  · 

        Here's another vote for spacebar shortcut to navigate to next post...

        And the ability to left align the list of feeds, just like Google Reader, now it's stays centered in the middle, and only in title view it's left centered.

      • nxmehta commented  · 

        Folder navigation, like others have mentioned, is not fully implemented in Feedly. At the very least it would be good to implement shift+k to move to the previous folder.

      • João Paulo Pesce commented  · 

        +1 for folder navigation: within folders (up and down) and opening/closing them

      • Michael Zaremba commented  · 

        The lack of a keyboard shortcut for jumping to folders (shift+N, shift+P) has got to be my biggest pet peeve with Feedly. Honestly the only reason I've been dragging my feet on the switch from Google Reader.

      • Bob Archer commented  · 

        Shift J doesn't really work the way it does in Google Reader. Shift j/k let you move up and down the feeds in the left side bar.

        Shit J in feedly just brings you somewhere.. I'm not sure where... I could navigate in google reader and never touch the mouse. With feedly I'm still using the mouse to move from feed to feed that I want to read.

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