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Offline Support

Enable offline reading for all unread items +images in feeds

I catch up on my RSS reading in the metro (spotty at best cell service) and on flights (often no service even available) -- please enable offline reading of unread items, and sync unread/bookmark/etc. on the next connect. The workflow of the MobileRSS app does this very well currently, and allows per-folder caching and selection of whether to cache images or not, on wifi only or any connection. That is a bit overboard, but being able to add an offline cache is the main feature I'll miss moving from my current solution.

PS: Otherwise, great app!

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    Jon CamfieldJon Camfield shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
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    under review  ·  PetrAdminPetr (Customer Success Hero, Feedly) responded  · 

    The current feedly apps (iOS and Android) do not offer offline article caching.

    This is a feature we are looking into.

    If you’re looking for offline support, some feedly partner apps support it (eg.Reeder and Newsify on iOS, or Press on Android).

    Those apps are powered by the feedly Cloud API and will seamlessly recreate your reading environment (all your feeds are sync’ed from feedly when you login).

    To explore the feedly partner apps and their features, visit http://www.feedly.com/apps.html


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      • PrPr commented  · 

        Missing how to disable auto refresh. Want to manually tell Feedly to refresh. Otherwise hard to catch up on feeds.

      • Dawood QureshiDawood Qureshi commented  · 

        I am a pro customer. for some reason , i want to remove all feeds from my account and upload again. is this a way that i can remove all feeds and clean up ?

      • Zsolt Ferenc JuhászZsolt Ferenc Juhász commented  · 

        Whats the status after 2 Years "under review" - Why should I forced to use 3rd Party Apps to get this essential feature? - Please do your homework.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        the new "section marked as read. undo." buttons looks very bad ! i don't like it at all !!

      • CathyCathy commented  · 

        will feedly allow me to view my subscription sites with available features

      • mdbergmanmdbergman commented  · 

        Is Feedly Offline today? I get to signin but that's all.

      • Andrew McSwainAndrew McSwain commented  · 

        Meh.. Won't give me what I want? I'll just stick to gReader

      • Gerardo garciaGerardo garcia commented  · 

        I'm fully aggre with this 'offline feature'. I flight a lot so be able to keep reading offline and sync later will be the best.

      • namename commented  · 

        How hard is this to implement?? It's been near the top of uservoice for years. And the response to send us away to other iOS apps with offline support seems arrogant...

      • Sun W KimSun W Kim commented  · 

        Byline costs money for iOS but has offline capability up to 2000 items. It used to work with google reader but now works with feedly

      • TimTim commented  · 

        Would be grateful if this was implemented, as apps like Press are no longer being developed.
        Would seriously look at Feedly Pro if this was made available.

      • etellektetellekt commented  · 


        I did the payment for PRO Feedly on May 7, but my account has not been upgraded.

        Mi username is etellekt@gmail.com

        I hope for your help, thanks.

        Rubén Salazar

      • VirginieVirginie commented  · 

        The pictures of my blog (www.avecpanache.ch) doesn't appear in feedly.
        What can I do to?
        Thanks for your help!

      • BillBill commented  · 

        I love feedly. Can you advise me on one issue. After I feed my buffer with five to six posts the app crashes and won't let me feed buffer until I let it rest for several hours. Thanks

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Waiting to become a premium user once you guys add offline support. I take my Feedly with my everywhere and connection is spotty at a lot of places. Really need this.

      • EPMEPM commented  · 

        Excelent App My Friends

        +1 function offline


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