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Add pinterest as a sharing option.

Feedly already emphasizes visuals with their magazine view. I would love to able to pin a picture from a post directly to my pinterest boards. This feature would probably draw a lot of pinterest users to your service.

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    chinnyindcchinnyindc shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    completed  ·  PetrAdminPetr (Customer Success Hero, Feedly) responded  · 

    Pinterest integration was implemented with feedly 14.0.481.

    You can now simply hover over any picture and click on it to add that picture to one of your pinterest boards

    See details regarding this release (also including a new iteration of feedly mini and other new features) on the Building Feedly blog: ihttp://blog.feedly.com/2013/04/15/listening-and-improving-the-experience-14-0-481-is-out/

    Thank you for your suggestion!
    Don’t hesitate to submit other feature requests on UserVoice.


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      • PascalinePascaline commented  · 

        What about being able to pin from the app?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Indeed. Addition To the app would be great

      • JillJill commented  · 

        Maybe it's just me, but I still don't see the Pinterest option on the mobile app. Any chance that's coming soon or that I'm missing something?

      • hiroshihiroshi commented  · 

        What about from the feedly app ipad version ?

      • RaulRaul commented  · 

        On Android, the last update create a bug with the "share" default option with "pinterest". I think the problem is in the url input to the share window. Before the message was "Reading from pageexample.com"... now , the message is "Reading from feedly.com" ... then stack there and never finish the reading. This is a very annoying bug because I've using pinterest for a while to share some posts to my friends.

      • ChanelChanel commented  · 

        What about from the feedly app?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Desde el pasado 4 de octubre, tengo dificultades para usar pinterest a través de la tablet. Hasta ahora podía pinear a través de feedly, ahora puede tardar más de 20 segundos en reconocer la imagen, o a veces incluso, decir que "No found images".
        Hasta ahora ha funcionado correctamente. Ha habido algún cambio? Ya no se puede pinear a través de la app?

      • JulianneJulianne commented  · 

        While I love the Pinterest button right on the photo on feedly on my computer, I also use my phone to keep up on my blogs a lot. There needs to be a separate Pinterest button like Facebook and twitter so I can pin it directly from my phone without having to save the post for later, hoping I log onto my computer sometime, or go directly to the website hoping there's a "pin" button. Please integrate a way to add to Pinterest using the mobile version!!! And iPad.... Though I'm not sure if that already exists as I don't use it as much as my phone.

      • SS commented  · 

        Why there is no P sharing icon on the ipad options?

      • candice chrestmancandice chrestman commented  · 

        i am new to feedly. usung an ipad. i do not see this option, by hovering over a pic or with the other sharing features!?

      • NeatNeat commented  · 

        You should make this feature off by default not on by default. Or, at least add an option (if I have not yet connected pinterest) where in the pop up box that fires when you click the image asking to connect your pinterest account to also "disable this feature" so we don't have to hunt for it.

      • kdkd commented  · 

        to stop your pictures trying to open in Pinterest:
        1-go to Feedly opening page.
        2-on left side select preferences
        3-scroll down to Pinterest Integration
        4-click the radio button "no"
        5-ta dah! no longer are your pictures trying to open in pinterest!

      • CarolineCaroline commented  · 

        Apart from its irritation factor it is definitely not fair to bloggers who do not wish their content pinned. That's a choice they should make - not Feedly. Bloggers can add a Pinterest widget to their site.

      • Adam ShellAdam Shell commented  · 

        This has been bugging me for days, Thankfully googlefu led me to this and I found out What it is, and how to disable it. Please, make this something that's defaulted off in the future, as it makes it impossible to click images for any other reason, such as links, and getting the bigger image.

      • DrorDror commented  · 

        Awful feature, at least it can be disabled.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This functionality has a negative impact on my user experience. I agree with other commenters who says they not only do not need this functionality, but that it impedes their using feedly, and lastly, your implementing it without providing an option to shut it off communicates a certain arrogance on your brand's part. For the respect of your users, would you considering giving us an option to disable this?

      • ewilliamsewilliams commented  · 

        PLEASE SHUT THIS STUPID THING OFF! Or at least allow us to control it as an option. Most of my feeds are image based and instead of conveniently clicking on an image to go to the original post or even READ the post, all I get is the stupid Pinterest login box. I am forced to do a right click > "open in new tab" just to read a post, fer cryin' out loud. If this thing is to remain standardized with Feedly, then I'm done with Feedly - at least other reader apps and sites don't force you in to some "feature" that one person asked for and everyone has to live with!

      • silglaubachsilglaubach commented  · 

        I am not able to add pictures to Pinterest from feedly. Is that a functionality already?

      • TdCTdC commented  · 

        YESSS, so great. Thx a lot.
        To continue in that way it should be even more useful to integrate this for mobile app's to (I am on Android). This is because on mobiles like tablettes, Pinterest taggings has to launch Pinterest app first + re-load the page and recognise the pictures... veeery slow - far to slow in fact.
        ... This would be best possible in Feedly view + webpage viewing to.
        PS : Probably better to place a Pinterest button near each image.

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