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Filters to hide or highlight items – based on keywords and phrases

For example: I want to hide all items containing the word "pope". Now I just need to create a filter and all items with the word "pope" in headline and/or content will be hidden from my news stream. Same for highlighting certain words or phrases.

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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Feedly: This is a high-value enhancement request; please consider it.

        In the mean time, check out Feed Rinse: http://www.feedrinse.com/index-old.php
        You give it your RSS URL, configure your filters, and they give you a replacement RSS URL to call that is ... rinsed! Use that rinsed URL in Feedly.

      • SidSid commented  · 

        The only reason why I don't open Feedly anymore. All sources inject politics of a foreign state into their content which makes them unreadable. I have perfectly enough of local problems!!

        Just a few keywords, it has solved even Twitter for me.

      • Jean TJean T commented  · 

        i wanna filter "trump"

      • KirkKirk commented  · 

        Hahaha to the last comment.. surprised as well this isn't a thing :/

        How many votes are needed before Feedly decides to implement?

      • DFBMDFBM commented  · 

        This is a popular request since the beginning, why has this such a low priority and gets delayed?
        For the time being, I found a Userscript/Chrome extension.
        Scroll down to the bottom of this page https://github.com/soufianesakhi/feedly-filtering-and-sorting and follow the links to the Chrome Extension or if you use Firefox, the Userscripts.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        How is this still not a thing?

      • Robin ZlatićRobin Zlatić commented  · 

        This very feature is the only reason why i use 3rd party rss reader over Feedly and gReader.

        Won't advertise but yes, there are apps that does support filter-out articles based on keywords. To me this is absolutely essential feature.

      • Ben C. O. GrimmBen C. O. Grimm commented  · 

        Search is good (would be nice to be able to store searches in .. RSS feeds), but filter (IN and OUT!) would be excellent!

      • Andre Bovee-BegunAndre Bovee-Begun commented  · 

        Yes, PLEASE. A simple switch to "mark as read" all posts to a feed or collection until further notice would be immensely helpful. A vacation scheduler even more so.

      • Johnathan WardJohnathan Ward commented  · 

        This feature would come in handy. For example, I have to support public forums on a rotation. I added all the feeds to feedly so I can answer new questions. I'd like to be able to mute this collection until I am on call again.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        why this is not a feature yet? it would be so easy to implement it!

      • Andy ShinnAndy Shinn commented  · 

        I wanted to filter out some stuff from my feed and though to myself "this must the killer feature you get when you pay for Feedly". So, I went to pay for it, and couldn't find this feature listed! Kind of surprising as it is the only feature I would pay for above all the current paid features.

      • AlexAlex commented  · 


        I have a bunch of feeds that I need to hide temporarily while I focus on other things, in order to reduce the amount of noise. Having to remove them would be such a loss and it did take me a while to find these feeds to begin with. Only being able to remove them is a bit like having to sell your house just because you're going on a 2w holiday.

      • Adam JAdam J commented  · 

        That would be my "random" example too ;-) The inspiration for my 3 votes for this feature.

      • kellykelly commented  · 

        PLEASE - filter to hide headlines with (as a random example) the word 'Trump'

      • Phil GeneraPhil Genera commented  · 

        desperately needed to avoid suicide by politics :'(

      • Adam JAdam J commented  · 

        I'm actively looking for a different service that does this. If it's being worked on or on the roadmap somewhere reasonable I would love to stay with Feedly because I'm very happy with it otherwise, but I really need this feature.

      • TomTom commented  · 

        I've had Premium for 3 years now. I'm considering switching to a reader that can hide articles based on keywords, tags, or authors.

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