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Filters to hide or highlight items – based on keywords and phrases

For example: I want to hide all items containing the word "pope". Now I just need to create a filter and all items with the word "pope" in headline and/or content will be hidden from my news stream. Same for highlighting certain words or phrases.

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    Bernd Allgeier shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Rod Leach commented  · 

        Even if you could do a search for keywords (example: Pokemon Go) and then mark as read. This shouldn't be that difficult to implement.

      • Roberto Tirado commented  · 

        I suggest that Feedly add a profanity filter where the individual user could choose what words to filter out on his/her feeds. I have a profanity filter extension (Simple Profanity Filter -Google Chrome) that works on the particular websites (The Verge, Lifehacker - Kinja Roundup) that i subscribe to on Feedly, but not on feedly itself. Please allow profanity filtering on Feedly, as your individual users see fit. I deleted both Lifehacker and The Verge from my feeds. Not trying to tell anyone else what to allow or prohibit, just for myself. Thank you.

      • Louis Redding commented  · 

        Please consider adding this feature! I'm so damn tired of "Pokemon go" this and "pokemon go" that! Nobody cares!

      • joe batutis commented  · 

        I've requested this for years. When I first purchased Pro, I assumed it would happen. Nope. Nothing.

      • Steve commented  · 

        Come on guys fix this. If it is the exact same title just merge the sources into one. If the user wants to see all the duplicates give them the option to do so please.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We need the ability to filter keywords so certain stories don't always crop up like Trump stories.

      • Nath Montcoudiol commented  · 

        I would definitely suscribe to pro for that.... I'm tired seeing these clickbait cancers articles but i don't want to get rid of the entire feed...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I was looking for Feedly to replace FeedDemon. With FeedDemon I can filter so that I only get what I do want, not filter out what I don't.

        I know all the keywords that interest me but not all the keywords that don't. I have used Feedly for a couple of weeks (because it is within my browser and not a separate program) but I am now reverting back to FeedDemon despite the fact that it will never be updated.

      • Seth commented  · 

        Agree! I subscribe to 3 different Gawker Media feeds -- Gawker, Gizmodo, Deadspin -- and they often repost each other's content which means I see the same article 3 times. The byline -- for example, "Gawker by Patricia Hernandez on Kotaku, shared by Alex Pareene to Gawker" -- should give you what you need to suppress these posts.

      • André Lobo commented  · 


        Please include these feature.

        For example, when Lusa news agency pushes a news lots of news channel just replicate the news, without adding new content or do a little more investigation.

      • Philip Owen commented  · 

        I would pay for a filter that filtered items in my feedly stream. For example I might subscribe to a lot of feeds giving news items about the worldwide coffee market but in practice I only want to read the ones which contain the search term Russia. I consider that this would be a very powerful tool. Power Search does this but it is manual in operation. I want to filter the feed automatically.

      • Eric P. Alvaro commented  · 

        C'mon! 3 years and you guys still didn't develop this feature!?

      • Onihonker commented  · 

        I need this feature ASAP! Stuff regarding Twitter, Apple, anything from Amazon.COM *cuz I'm in Canada* doesn't interest me anymore.

        Too bad there is no way to get rid of the items I don't want to see.

      • Pippo commented  · 

        I am moving away from feedly since it is not offering such a service

      • Felix Ng commented  · 

        I will subscribe to the Pro service for this feature!

      • obarthelemy commented  · 

        I'd even expand on that: please have some AI dedupe news about the same thing. I'm following a lot of tech sites, so I often get 10 items about the same thing (LG's G6 announcement date, Apple maybe making a 4" phone again)... That's ridiculous.
        For news that's not breaking news, I'd gladly
        - have a few hours delay so I can avoid having to dismiss 15 items, and just get the one isntead
        - only have the item from the "best" site, ie Ars Technica, if not PocketNow, ... and The Verge last ^^

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