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Why can't I see feeds older than a month or so?

On Google Reader I used to be able to browse back much further in history, if not right back to the beginning.

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    Stephen Brown shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    declined  ·  AdminPetr (Customer Success Hero, Feedly) responded  · 


    The fact that articles are automatically marked as read after 30 days is a performance thing in feedly, we have this set in the back-end as this allows for better/faster refreshing and handling of the unread counts and articles.

    2 comments on this:

    1. For feeds that publish less frequently but that you still want to follow diligently, there is a preference setting in feedly to mark certain feeds as “Must Read”, this may be a useful feature for this purpose: http://feedly.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/263389-how-to-mark-unmark-as-must-read-

    2. Just in case this isn’t clear: you can still access the entire feed history we have indexed in feedly over time by setting your feed preferences to display all articles (read and unread). To set this preference, see: http://feedly.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/297491-view-read-unread-articles-only


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Is there a better alternative to feedly that doesn't do this kind of a lame thing behind my back?

      • Luca commented  · 

        This is a shame for you guys, and none of your tips seems to work, Petr. The first link has nothing to do with the topic. A class action would be appropriate, I believe. There's people who were relying on this service to keep track of things and you guys don't even mind to let them know that there is this limitation. Feedly is such a joke.

      • Xavier Novella Sinde commented  · 

        I have been some days struggling with the marked as unread problem. This is a solution that may be used along with a feed reader:
        To make your account a more future-proof archive, remember to untick FTTT'S url shortener in email applet.

        You may loose part of precious queued articles, but will be able to start "feeding" your Informational Diogenes without fear to loose them.
        If you only want 1 account: Tags, auto-filters, autoarchives (without marking read) are your men.
        If you don't care creating a "feed" account: "New" is the word.

        PD: If somebody finds a solution to gather all the posts in a feed during 24 hours and send them in 1 daily email, please tell. (News feed like "Die Zeit", "NHK", "Ara.cat" would mean like +45 emails a day each, which is crazy)

        Have a nice day,

      • MAS commented  · 

        Petr, thanks for the update. However, it doesn't seem like you "completed" anything, which is the status you chose for the update. It's fine if you and your colleagues choose not to address this issue in a different manner, perhaps for very valid performance reasons. Having said that, you could at least assign it a status of "Declined" to indicate that you are deliberately electing to not make a change here. Padding your stats of "Completed" items, over three years after the original suggestion, when you're not actually making any changes is a little silly. And, if there's no incentive to anyone there regarding how many "Completed" items you achieve, then there's really no reason not to simply mark it as "Declined".

        Closing the suggestion does make sense, if you really don't plan to address it. Just use a status that clarifies your position on it.

      • Bondt commented  · 

        The way Google Reader worked, was they saved all entries as soon as 1 (maybe a couple) subscriber added a feed and from them new subscribers could get back to where Google started caching the articles. This shouldn't be that hard to implement.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        feedly devs be like - gtfo users, we care not an ounce for your shitty articles, even if you're paying users

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hi feedly team! An answer on this subject would be awesome!

      • Naja commented  · 

        There are too many annoying limitations in Feedly
        - Articles disappear
        - Feeds disappear
        - Cannot add feed from exact url
        - Cannot backup articles
        - Cannot even listen to podcasts within feedly

        Anyone have suggestions on better alternatives that work cross-platform?

      • mdonatas commented  · 

        This is really sad. I could use "Save" functionality but then I can't see how many articles I have unread in each category/feed. At least give us that.

        You get bad karma for this.

      • SS commented  · 

        Not sure how I was able to do it...but Feedly was able to pull all the articles from any blog that I added to it. Even articles older than 4 years.
        At first i had the same issue that I could not load articles older than a month. But then I did something in the preferences(don't remember what) section and now Feedly all articles that I need.
        So, from what I understand they are removing the articles from your account, but you can get them back. I haven't tried out the save functionality in detail though.

      • DS commented  · 

        UNBELIEVABLE. After paying for Feedly Pro for many months, this is what they give me - they DELETE thousands of articles behind my back that I was INTENDING from day one to go through when *I* was ready in my own time.

        Now all this great content that I THOUGHT was being saved in Feedly is just GONE.

        (rly - how hard is it, Feedly, to just store BASIC TABLES of url text on your servers, if nothing else???)

        I have been using RSS services for over 15 years across multiple platforms (like Windows and Android) and services (like Google Reader), with the veteran understanding that unread articles do NOT get deleted without you at least knowing something about it.

        I'd expect free users to forgo this provision, but PRO USERS???


        While I sort out this mess of what best solution to use from now on that saves things INDEFINITELY, (anyone have any suggestions?), I certainly will be planning to REMOVE my subscription and any future intended money that I was planning on giving you for - TURNS OUT, NOTHING!...

      • A. Abdurrahman commented  · 

        20 months now, and no reply from feedly team!

      • Ryan commented  · 

        Looks like they don't care about the users. Later! I'm on to something else.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        You can use Feedly App to access articles for an an entire year and then sync it with rest of those devices :)

      • Dénes Péteri commented  · 

        I tried about 5 different online RSS readers so far, and (almost) all of them forget. They're useless. I want to see posts older than a month, I haven't mark them as read, because I want to read them. If a feed reader marks posts as read without me knowing, then it's useless. It's really annoying, I missed tons of posts because of shitty readers, I had to backtrack, I wasted so much time.
        Right now I'm using/testing Digg Reader, I didn't notice any hiccups yet. YET. And I just installed a offline RSS reader (FeedDemon). I use two readers at the same times, so I notice if one of them fucks up, I'm so fucking tired of RSS readers screwing with me with these fucking bugs.

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