Knowledge Base

  1. Account management 

    1. How to swap the Google account from which I login to feedly?
    2. How to import an OPML into feedly?
    3. How to export your feeds (through OPML)?
  2. Feedly Pro 

    1. What is feedly Pro?
    2. How do I activate feedly Pro across all my devices?
    3. Search: How does article search work?
    4. Evernote: How can I save to Evernote?
    5. Evernote: I can't connect my feedly to my Evernote
  3. Feedly Pro tutorials 

    1. Power Search - Tutorial
    2. Evernote
    3. OneNote
    4. Speed Boost
    5. Dropbox
  4. Feed management 

    1. How to sign up for feedly
    2. How to add news feeds to your feedly
    3. How to add podcasts
    4. How to subscribe to YouTube Channels
    5. How to remove a source
  5. Overall look and feel management 

    1. Oldest articles first
    2. How to change my feeds and categories views
    3. View Read / Unread articles only
  6. Gestures & Shortcuts 

    1. How to mark articles as read
    2. How to get to the home panel
    3. How to get to the explore panel
    4. How to close an article
    5. Keyboard shortcuts
  7. Sections 

    1. Today
    2. Must Read
    3. All
    4. Saved for Later
    5. Recently Read
  8. Sharing and Saving 

    1. How to email an article
    2. How to setup which mail client to use (native or Gmail)
    3. How to share an article on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
    4. How to share on LinkedIn
    5. How to select your favorite sharing tool
  9. Reading 

    1. What does the number of "green hearts" mean?
    2. Wrong article date
    3. Why are some feeds partial?
    4. Why can't I access very old articles?
  10. Publishers - Optimize your feeds for feedly 

    1. Full feed or partial feed?
    2. How to optimize a full feed
    3. How to go from partial to full feed?
    4. How to optimize a partial feed
    5. What is my feed URL?
  11. All articles 

    1. What does the number of "green hearts" mean?
    2. Today
    3. How to mark articles as read
    4. How to email an article
    5. How to sign up for feedly

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