What is feedly Pro?

Feedly pro brings a set of extra features that empowers your feedly experience.


Feedly Pro is always evolving and we're always working with the Pro community to bring new features to feedly Pro

As of today, the feedly Pro features are:

Full article search
Looking for all the coverage of the latest tech topic published by the feeds you follow in your feedly? Search for any keyword in all article titles from your feedly subscriptions. Searches all of your feeds (read and unread) as well as your Saved for later. Learn more about search.

Notes and highlights

Integration with sharing and saving tools.
Feedly Pro allows you to directly send articles from feedly to:
- Evernote (Learn more)
- OneNote
- Buffer
- HootSuite
- LinkedIn

Connect your feedly to powerful tools
Feedly Pro allows you to automate workflows and create recipes between feedly and multiple web services via:
- Zapier (Learn more)

Speed boost
Get the freshest content from all the sites you follow. Any feed that you are subscribed to as a Pro user is automatically refreshed faster.

Custom sharing
Set up your custom sharing button to save or share content from feedly to any of your preferred services (Delicious, Pinboard, etc.).
Learn more about custom sharing.

Shape the roadmap
Suggest and vote on upcoming features for feedly Pro via a dedicated channel.

Premium support
Any feedback you want to report or question you have gets bumped to the front of the line for our support team.

No ads
Hide sponsored ads with Feedly Pro

Premium fonts

Support feedly
Funding from feedly Pro makes feedly sustainable and directly supports the development of the product.

Feedly Pro is available for $8/month or $72/year. 

Upgrade today to supercharge your feedly

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