Search: How does article search work?

Search on Desktop

Go to any section in your feedly (the all page, a category page or a feed page) and you will see at the top right a new search box. Enter the keyword you want to search for and press enter to get the list of article in that section which match the entered search term.

Search fields:
Search looks for matches in title, summary, content of the article as well as keywords and author. 
Search looks for matching results in read and unread articles.

Search Operators:
" "  > using double quotes will look for an exact match of your search string (eg. "Elon Musk")
title: > will limit the search to title of articles only

Time limit:
Currently Search will return results from all articles dating as far back as 30 days when searching in a category (including all). This time limitation does not apply when you are searching directly in a feed.

Also check out the full list of feedly Pro features here:

Search on mobile

 Open the Search pane (using the magnifying glass on the upper right corner)

Type in the keyword(s) you want to search in your feedly and hit "search"

At the top of the search results list, you will see an option for "keyword in my feedly" 

Tap that search zone and it will return Search results for all articles that contain "keyword" form all your feedly categories.

Note on Search from mobile:
- Search will return results from all of your feedly categories
- Search will return results from all articles (including those you have marked as read already)
- All Search operations and time limits that are available on desktop apply when Searching on mobile.


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