Custom Sharing: How do I setup custom sharing?

Go to Preferences > Sharing > Custom Sharing

You can use ${url} and ${title} and ${id} to parametrize the URL with the article info. 
You can customize this to share with any services you would like to, we recommend searching for "custom send to" to find the URL that you'll need to use for specific websites or services.

Here below are some sample customized sharing services.

Send to Pinboard:${url}&title=${title}

Send to HootSuite:${url}&title=${title}

Save as PDF:${url}

Send to${url}&title=${title}

Send to RTM (Remember The Milk):${title}-${url} 

Custom send to${url}&s=${title}

Send to Gmail from full composition:${title}&body=${url}

Send to Gmail with custom recipient pre-filled (replace "" in link below)${title}&body=${url}

Send to Google Calendar (for feeds that deliver dates and time):${title}&details=${url}

Send to Google Translate:${url}

Create a Google Bookmark${url}&title=${title}

Blog to WordPress:

Send to Tumblr${url}&t=${title}

Send to Diigo:${url}&title=${title}

Send to Springpad:${url}&name=${title}

Send to ViralTag${title}&source=${url}&imageUrl=${imageUrl}

Send to${url}

Send to Delicious{title}&tags=News&url={url}

note: you will need to enter your username and password to give permission to post the link

example: 5.x Guided Tour&tags=feedly,blog,rss&url=

In that example, the fields are:
Description (title): Feedly 5.x Guided Tour
Tags: #feedly #blog #rss

Send to Wallabag${url}
this link also work fine:${url}
Note: USERNAME should be your Wallabag username.

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