Custom Sharing

Setting up Custom Sharing

Custom Sharing is an advanced feature of feedly Pro that allows you to create a custom instruction in feedly to share to a service that feedly does not yet support natively. This can be useful for things like, automatically creating a short link in or opening a page in Google Translate. This feature is advanced and requires knowledge of the URL architecture of the service you intend to share to.

Creating a Custom Sharing instruction:

  1. Go to the feedly Preferences page on the web
  2. Find the section called 'Custom Sharing'
  3. In the box, enter a URL path; feedly will open a popup to this URL when you click on the Custom Sharing icon
  4. You can use the following parameters for the Custom Sharing URL: ${url}, ${source}, ${title} and ${id} 
Sharing an article using Custom Sharing:
  1. Navigate to any article using feedly on the web
  2. Open any article and click the Custom Sharing button (  - the button is located at the top of the article)
  3. Feedly will open a popup using your Custom Sharing URL
  4. Follow any relevant onscreen instructions to complete the share

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Custom Sharing available on mobile?
Not at this time. This feature is only available for feedly on the web.

Do you have any examples of Custom Sharing in action?
Sure. Here are the most popular Custom Sharing URLs from our users:
Send to Pinboard:${url}&title=${title}
Save as PDF:${url}
Send to${url}&title=${title}
Send to RTM (Remember The Milk):${title}-${url} 
Custom send to${url}&s=${title}
Send to Gmail from full composition:${title}&body=${url}
Send to Gmail with custom recipient pre-filled (replace "" in link below)${title}&body=${url}
Send to Google Calendar (for feeds that deliver dates and time):${title}&details=${url}
Send to Google Translate:${url}
Create a Google Bookmark:${url}&title=${title}
Blog to WordPress:
Send to Tumblr${url}&t=${title}
Send to Diigo:${url}&title=${title}
Send to Springpad:${url}&name=${title}
Send to Delicious{title}&tags=News&url={url}
NOTE: you will need to enter your username and password to give permission to post the link
Example: 5.x Guided Tour&tags=feedly,blog,rss&url=
In that example, the fields are:
Description (title): Feedly 5.x Guided Tour
Tags: #feedly #blog #rss
Send to Wallabag${url}
NOTE: USERNAME should be your Wallabag username.
Send to Known
Create new trello card{url}&name={title}
Can I have more than one Custom Sharing URL active at once?
No. You can only use on Custom Sharing URL at a time.


We're always interested to hear how we can improve Custom Sharing in feedly Pro. What features would you like to see? Submit your ideas via UserVoice or give your vote to existing requests.

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