Power Search - Tutorial

Power Search

You can read more about Power Search in our updated blog post: Search in your Feedly

Advanced search using filters:

Enter your Search term, and then use the filters to refine your Search 

Search in: Perform the search within your feedly (with filtering by collections or tags) or beyond your feedly (searching within the top sources of content available in feedly).

: Find results based on article title only, author only, or all (article content, title, and author).

Popularity: Limit search results based on social engagement generated by each post. high = sorted by most popular content. on fire = articles that are unusually popular and trending.

Embeds: Limit search results to articles that contain specific media types (audio, video, or documents).

Language: Filter the articles based on an language you select.

Advanced search using operators or symbols:

You can define an Advanced Search query directly by using operators as you type in your query.
For example: "title:Apple NOT iPhone" would find articles with Apple in the title but do not have iphone in any part of the article.

The following operators and symbols are supported: 
  • OR ("Apple OR Samsung")
  • AND ("Apple AND iPhone")
  • NOT ("Apple NOT iPhone")
  • " " (exact phrase match)
  • ~ (fuzziness) ("Albma~2" searches for words that are close or similar. eg: Alabama. 2 here is the "edit distance", using larger numbers allows for the matching term to be increasingly different than the search term)

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