How to go from partial to full feed?

Here are the steps you need to go through to switch your feed from partial to full.

Note that if you use Feedburner you might have to switch your feed to full content both from  Feedburner and from your publishing platform (Wordpress, Squarespace, Blogger, etc.).

Note that if you are using feedburner you might have make to switch both from your publishing platform and your feedburner account.


  • Select the Optimize tab
  • At the bottom of the page go in Summary Burner
  • Select the Deactivate button on the right
If you don't see this screen but only see a Activate button that means that you are already good!
If you still have a partial feed, try looking in your publishing platform (such as Wordpress, SquareSpace, Blogger, etc). 


In your Wordpress admin follow the follow the following path:

  • Select the Settings tab on the left of your screen
  • Go in the Reading subsection
  • Under For each article in a feed, show...
  • ... select Full text


  • Go the Settings | Other tab.
  • Under Site feed, make sure you switch everything to Full

More information on changing your site feed's setting here

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