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  1. Account: I have subscribed to Pro but I have not been upgraded yet?

  2. Account: I logged in with Facebook/Twitter and now my account is empty?

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  4. Billing: How to change my credit card billing information

  5. Billing: Why did my upgrade fail?

  6. Buffer

  7. Custom Sharing

  8. Custom Sharing: How do I setup custom sharing?

  9. Dropbox

  10. Evernote

  11. Evernote: How can I save to Evernote?

  12. Evernote: how to unlink or switch the Evernote account that's connected to my feedly

  13. Evernote: I can't connect my feedly to my Evernote

  14. Full feed or partial feed?

  15. Google Alerts

  16. HootSuite

  17. How can I add a feedly follow button to my site or blog?

  18. How do I activate feedly Pro across all my devices?

  19. How to add news feeds to your feedly

  20. How to add podcasts

  21. How to change my feeds and categories views

  22. How to close an article

  23. How to connect to

  24. How to customize your Twitter template

  25. How to email an article

  26. How to export your feeds (through OPML)?

  27. How to get to the explore panel

  28. How to get to the home panel

  29. How to go from partial to full feed?

  30. How to import an OPML into feedly?

  31. How to mark & unmark as "Favorites"

  32. How to mark articles as read

  33. How to optimize a full feed

  34. How to optimize a partial feed

  35. How to remove a source

  36. How to reorder feeds

  37. How to reorder feeds within a category

  38. How to select your favorite saving tool (Pocket, Instapaper)

  39. How to select your favorite sharing tool

  40. How to select your Twitter tag line

  41. How to set a feed to open in web (new tab) directly

  42. How to set default -CC and -BCC when emailing articles

  43. How to setup which mail client to use (native or Gmail)

  44. How to share an article on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

  45. How to share on LinkedIn

  46. How to sign in to Pocket and Instapaper

  47. How to sign up for feedly

  48. How to subscribe to YouTube Channels

  49. How to swap the Google account from which I login to feedly?

  50. IFTTT

  51. Keyboard shortcuts

  52. LinkedIn

  53. Must Read

  54. Oldest articles first

  55. One or several feeds are empty

  56. OneNote

  57. Personal Boards (Tags)

  58. Pocket

  59. Pocket: How to switch Pocket accounts or logout

  60. Power Search - Tutorial

  61. Readability

  62. Recently Read

  63. Saved for Later

  64. Search: How does article search work?

  65. Some articles seem to be missing in my feed

  66. Speed Boost

  67. Today

  68. View Read / Unread articles only

  69. What does the number of "green hearts" mean?

  70. What is feedly Pro?

  71. What is my feed URL?

  72. Why are some feeds partial?

  73. Why can't I access very old articles?

  74. Wrong article date

  75. Zapier

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