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    We’d like to share with you how Search works and why the limitation is set on 30 days.

    Basically the reason why we have to limit to 30 days for categories is because searching across a large number of feeds takes a long time to return results right now. This also explains why we can remove this limit when you search directly in a feed rather than a category, as that will return search results a lot faster.

    You can still see all the older articles as unread in all your Collections/Categories. If you’ll click on the Gear icon on the top right and uncheck “Unread only” you’ll see all the articles, just marked as read.

    Improving our search feature is one of our top priorities for feedly Pro, so we’re trying to up this limit soon. Unfortunately we don’t have an ETA to give you on that.

    Mark commented  · 

    If you know of an rss reader that doesn't have this restriction, please post it here so we can migrate.

    Mark commented  · 

    Very frustrating to see that years later Feedly hasn't addressed this. There should be two features: unread / read, <30 days / >30 days. Let the >30 days disappear from the default view but keep them unread so that we can show old items and still see what we've read and what we haven't. I'd pay an additional $10 a year just for that feature, how much additional storage and processing is that really?

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