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    The current feedly apps (iOS and Android) do not offer offline article caching.

    This is a feature we are looking into.

    If you’re looking for offline support, some feedly partner apps support it (eg.Reeder and Newsify on iOS, or Press on Android).

    Those apps are powered by the feedly Cloud API and will seamlessly recreate your reading environment (all your feeds are sync’ed from feedly when you login).

    To explore the feedly partner apps and their features, visit http://www.feedly.com/apps.html

    Tyo commented  · 

    I'm considered upgrading to Feedly Pro or Team. I'd like to know if I can integrate Feedly to my site to offer niche content to my customers. Would be nice to get some pre-purchase support. But but it seems Feedly provides none, unless I upgrade and pay beforehand? With no support I guess my only alternative is to just post a question here, get in line, and wait for an answer -- someday? Why is it that you guys like to hide from potential customers and go out of your way to shovel all the questions into a public forum? You still working out of your bedroom at your mom's place with no customer support?

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